Chrome Commenting Extension

I saw someone, in a comment replying to someone, carefully lay out a quote at the head of their comment with a nicely formatted link back to the quoted comment, tidily naming the author. I liked that detail, especially on a blog without nested replies.

So I took up the habit of doing so myself; thus….

User; the quoted comment

But writing the mark-up and copying links got old real fast. As I use Chromium (the open source base of Google’s Chrome) I thought I could write an extension that would take any text I highlighted in a comment and copy it, inserting mark-up, into any reply.

Unfortunately different WordPress templates and settings make this a bit problematic if you try and use it across blogs. Currently it works on the templates / settings used here and on

This is the zipped source which can be loaded as an unpacked extension and examined to ensure no unwanted behaviour is present.

This is the packed extension, if you trust me. To install it Right Click the link and Save Link as… a file to come back to. Then open Settings – Extensions and drag the saved file onto your extensions to install.