The Trouble with Nuance

By | July 22, 2017

I see plenty of news reports writing that Donald Trump said there was a terrorist attack within Sweden that didn’t really happen.

I also see that’s not exactly what he said but among the word salad of a conference he gave he referred to “what happened in Sweden last night” (or something close to that).

This is really frustrating from the point of view of trying to keep a clear head about what’s going on in the world. Trump clearly isn’t thinking rationally but purely viscerally, within his head is just a mis-mash of things with flavours he can’t keep apart and can’t express any detail about – to him “Sweden”, “Immigrants” something something crime somewhere, Friday? Friday! Something awful, immigrants, Sweden, last Friday! is about the sum of it.

And observers take that and call it a claim about terrorism in Sweden – which is applying their own context – and only serving to put themselves in a position of being called FAKE NEWS! I DIDN’T SAY THAT! I mean you have to have lots of context to understand applying the context (Kellyanne Conway invented a terrorist attack, so maybe Trump did as well) and you’re quickly in a world of peoples opinion and interpretation rather than reporting on events.

Trump’s an idiot, he talked crap, but trying to attribute details he didn’t provide to it only fuels his narrative.


What is Trump hiding?! Where did he get his intelligence? Wasn’t us, says the CIA, NSA!

Argh. Goddam Internet, turns out making it easy to pour rubbish into the world doesn’t help most people figure anything out.